Don’t be afraid to stumble.  It happens.  Some executives like to quote the famous Apollo 13 creed “failure is not an option”.  Eugene Kranz was head of the NASA team responsible for the Apollo 13 mission.  He never actually said those words. This is what he is reported to have […]

Failure is not an option…is it?

You’re inspired, and it’s time to make a change.   Introducing new software solutions into your workflow is a real opportunity to take the collaborative ecosystem of your company to a new level of competence and confidence.   Maybe you visited a competitor, and they were knocking it out of […]

The Science of Process Improvement: 5 Steps For Success

There Is A World Of Difference Between Agreement And Commitment Employee buy-in is a piece of cake, right? All you have to do is get everyone in a room, tell them what the next new thing is going to be, ask them their opinion, get a suggestion or two, make sure […]

Employee Buy-in? Who Are You Kidding?

70% of American workers are disengaged in their jobs.  So says the Gallup polling organization.  They have been tracking this trend since the year 2000.   This ratio has varied slightly over that time, but not by much.  I’m something of a process geek and I keep up on process improvement books […]

Are 70% of American Workers Asleep At Their Jobs?

IBM? What is Tim Cook Thinking? I came across a very interesting article in Forbes today. It was an Op-ed piece by Peter Cohan.  Mr. Cohan is speculating about a merger between the two computing giants Apple and IBM .  Who knows what Cook is up to?  He tends to […]

IBM? What is Tim Cook Thinking?

It’s not uncommon for a company to have a set of guiding principles and a dedicated mission that haven’t been formally articulated Why does your company vision matter?   Or Does it?  Some business owners may not ask themselves that question. Or they believe they don’t have one.  Here’s the good news, […]

Does Your Company Vision Matter?